Claudia Salerno ॐ

Claudia Salerno ॐ

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About Claudia

Claudia was born in Lima, Peru, and raised in South Florida. She’s earned a Masters Degree in Communication & Media, specializing in Marketing, Public Relations & Corporate Communications. Her interest in the human brain led her to earn an additional Masters Degree in Psychology. She is fascinated by neuroscience and quantum physics and is currently working on research paper to complete her PhD.

 For the past 20 years Claudia has applied her knowledge, experience & education to support organizations, helping them identify their branding and strategy techniques to increase sales & overall productivity. She has worked in various sectors, demonstrating her expertise in roles ranging from Marketing Director at Whole Foods Market corporate office, Director of Business Development for an international steel company to Global Marketing & Communications Director in the biotech industry in San Diego, CA. She also served as Vice President of Communications for a late prestigious triple-degreed doctor specializing in integrative medicine, longevity medicine, and stem cell therapies. Claudia's proven track record inspired her to become a consultant and advisor to sustainable companies. She is highly inspired and motivated by companies who share her values & ethics and only focuses on organizations that are either already implementing programs to improve the environment, the quality life of their employees, and ideally giving back to their communities.

 In addition to her professional business background, Claudia is highly dedicated to her spiritual growth and passionate about meditation, breathwork and sound healing. She curates workshops in different countries and has co-authored books on thermography, healing waters, and defying the aging process. Currently, she is writing a book on mindfulness called Mindfulness for Children: How to Listen to Our Bodies. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and  can also speak French, Portuguese and basic Italian.

Claudia's passion is empowering and helping her clients - both companies and individuals - to create effective holistic approaches to achieve the successful business goals that they truly deserve. She would love to share how, you too, can move into a full life of "creation by design", attaining greater levels of prosperity, enjoyment, and personal and professional satisfaction. 

"As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet," Claudia says. "The Earth and the world outside of us is just a reflection of our inner world. Let’s help raise the collective consciousness!"


“If it feels good tomorrow do it today”


“You cannot be what you want to be until you face who you are”

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