Claudia Salerno ॐ


Curiosity and coincidence draw my attention to the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls sesión at the BodyHoliday that day.

If you¹ve had the privilege to stay at the BodyHoliday Resort in Saint Lucia, you will know that as guests we have an array of 4 to 6 activities to chose from every hour; Well that particular day I was not feeling up to pair to my usual golf, yoga or tennis lesson, therefore I made my way to the wellness center for some pampering. On my way there I stopped by the Tree House intrigued by the line of people waiting to attend a Crystal Bowls Meditation Session, so I decided to postpone pampering and experience something new. What a great surprise! As we prepared for the session, Claudia graciously explain the precious materials her Crystal Bowls are made of and the particular effects we could expect form the session.

I must admit, I felt every vibration of each bowl, every note talked to my inner self and my body in frequency levels I was unaware off, somehow comforting and socking at the same time in many different ways. It was awakening of the senses I did not anticipated!

I can¹t wait for my next session!

Thank you Claudia, I hope you make your way back to us very soon!
— Mariel Bertrand Saint Lucia, West Indies

Claudia has a gift with sound that melts away layers of tension and resistance that was previously unknown to my awareness. Her beaming heart also adds to the experience, creating a nourishing space for mind, body, and soul.
— Michael Hrostoski Los Angeles, CA

Claudia is a brilliant soul. She compassionately and powerfully shares her many gifts as the blissful, loving, and generous force she is. It was A-maz-ing to receive my first session with the crystal bowls! My body opened up a deep connection root to crown with the harmonizing frequencies and the love she embodies. If journeying to the deepest parts of yourself, balancing, attuning in frequency medicine, and experiencing transcendental, alchemical states Claudia’s divine gifts with the bowls will support you.
— Avaah East Seattle, Washington
What does Harmony feel like??

Just as every singing bowl has a specific tone, the one who plays them adds a unique tonal signature to the symphony.

Claudia’s passionate connection to her Crystal Tones singing bowls creates a loving nest for her healing intentions to permeate through the crystalline sound waves & into our physical, emotional, mental & energetic systems.

What she offers is a true embodiment of multi dimensional healing love through high vibe frequency alchemy!
— Anna Naturalista Encinitas, CA

I was blessed by experiencing a crystal singing bowl meditation in beautiful Puerto Vallarta with Claudia. Hearing the ocean and feeling the vibrations of her delicate bowls made me feel more connected with the earth and myself. I mediate daily yet this experience was so much more. It was magical and ethereal.

Claudia is truly skilled in bringing you into the moment. She plays the bowls in a way that allows every part of your body to feel at ease and in harmony. I highly recommend the experience.
— Gabriella Perry Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
I have come to know for those of us on the spiritual path, when we allow ourselves that moment when we feel worthy of receiving a gift it will come to us.

Not just any ordinary gift but one that touches our heart and opens a channel within us to the divine spark of divinity.

I recently had such an experience with Claudia Salerno in a private session receiving the sacred tones of her crystal bowls and her curated tuning forks. In a quantum world where everything is moving, in that moment I was no exception.

I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, felt myself floating through the cosmos, all to the symphony of tonal frequencies lovingly downloaded from some mystical place down through Claudia’s heart then through her fingers that resonated through her crystal bowl instruments. Her deft touch on her set of forks touched me in the way a Michelin Chef sends shivers to our palate. Such is the nature of receiving a gift from the gifted.

When a soul discovers their true calling and feels called to share her sacred gift with the world...well...isn’t this the very essence of why we are having a human experience.
Thank you Claudia, dear one.

And now I wonder who is next to feel worthy of receiving her gift.
— Larry Kessler San Diego, CA

I feel so blessed to have had the experience of receiving a healing session with the crystal bowls. The vibration took me to a deep trance where everything just disappeared, leaving me just with the company of the sound of these beautiful bowls. And that was not all.

Claudia has magical hands and an amazing perception and a sense of knowing of when it is the right time to bring the tuning forks into play. The vibration of these powerful tools just brought me to an even deeper place of calmness and peace. Also Claudia knows exactly what words to whisper, her tone of voice is very soothing. Her words carry a profound healing vibration.

I strongly recommend taking a session with Claudia. It is a beautiful time for you to connect with your inner self, your inner guidance. Just surrender and enjoy! You will love it.
— Lola Dulanto Lima, Peru
Claudia is truly gifted sound healer. She played for my birthday. it was a magical experience. She came dressed in all-white like an angel bringing her light and healing. She plays her bowls perfectly in tune to the energy of the group intuitively. I could feel the sounds moving through my body and opening my mind. When the sound concluded, she held space and encouraged us to share our experiences. After the session i felt connected, supported and secure. I am so grateful for her gift and her ability to share it with the world.
— Claire Andrews Encinitas, CA
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Crystal Bowls_RSF_equinox_ceremony_2018.jpg
This lovely angelic creature , Claudia Salerno , suddenly appeared in our spiritually/imbued space in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico called Casa Karma Boutique Resort.

She produced her ethereal bowls and was mesmerized by the synchronicity of a powerful labyrinth in front of the ocean on my property. She knew instinctively that the tones of her spectacular bowls would only be enhanced by the amazing energies of the vortex of the labyrinth near the sea.

She was right. Her group, including me, was transported to the center of calmness through her skillful mastery of creating healing vibrations. This was for New Years Day of 2018.

To this day, when life gets in the way, I simply recall the moment of utter tranquility and peace produced by this angel and her magical instruments and I find that special space within me. It’s a reminder and once again, I am at peace with the sure knowledge that only love is real.

Georgia Darehshori Puerto Vallarta, Mexico